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Remember how in the past seasons Cas was the oh so great and strong divine being who would do anything for Dean and would protect him at ALL costs? A being who screamed “higher power” with his eyes alone.

And how defenseless, afraid and a weak little human Dean was?

And how “nobody cares you’re hurt, Cas”?

Let’s look at this season for a moment, shall we?

This is current Cas, broken and defenseless and pretty much a wreckage.

He’s confused, he’s a mess, he looks so small and full of pain.

And this is current Dean.

"Talk to me."

He wants to listen to Castiel’s problems wholeheartedly, is there for him at all moments, he protects him, he doesn’t let him walk off on his own because he knows Cas is weak right now. Dean wouldn’t leave purgatory without him, Dean said “I need you” and it wasn’t for any of his -up to then- selfish reasons, but because he whole-heartedly needs Cas, needs him to be there, needs him to be alive for him, needs him by his side. So he will allow nothing bad to happen to his angel. How, despite the fact that Castiel yelled at him, Dean didn’t yell back. Dean shut his laptop, got up and walked to Cas’ side, sat down and demanded to listen to his problems, to be there for him. Because he cares that Cas is hurt.

November 29th, 2012
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